Here are some of the people that stand behind the idea of the .hiv domain:

“GMHC is the world’s oldest HIV/AIDS Service Organization and is proud to be a supporter of dotHIV. We follow the progress of dotHIV with great interest. From the beginning of the epidemic over thirty years ago, it has been precisely through organic, community-based initiatives that HIV and AIDS were fought and contained, saving countless lives and building empowered communities. Great progress towards the end of AIDS can be made through the innovative work exemplified by Ms. Carolin Silbernagl and her international team of experts. Gay Men’s Health Crisis lends its support to dotHIV’s efforts and urges ICANN to equally recognize them.”

Janet Weinberg

Janet Weinberg is Interim Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer of Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), New York.

“What I like about dotHIV is that it’s not only a Top-Level Domain. It’s also a great tool for companies, NGOs and individuals who want to show support and responsibility.”

Raul Krauthausen

Raul Krauthausen is a social entrepreneur, the founder of and Ashoka fellow.

“I love the idea. That’s the kind of creativity we need.”

Dr. Brian Brinks

Dr. Brian Brinks is Board Member and Representative of the Private Sector at Global Fund.

“I think dotHIV is great, because it will give the topic of HIV/AIDS a dedicated space on the Internet. It reaches young people – one of the main target groups for prevention and will thereby help to turn the tide together.”

Marcel Dams

Marcel is a 23 year old activist in the field of HIV and an active Internet user. As an HIV+ ambassador for the campaigns “I know what I’m doing” and “Living together in a positive way”, he is a member of the biggest German HIVassociation Deutsche Aids Hilfe ( – 

“You have my support!”

Fadi Chehadé


“HIV still is a problem for many people – and I mean the people who are not HIV-positive. There is so much isolation and fear. dotHIV helps fighting those prejudices and this really helps the people who suffer from HIV. A very good idea.”

Michael Michalsky

Michael Michalsky is one of the most successful and respected German fashion designers. He supports various social projects and initiatives such as Save Darfur and the WWF.

“dotHIV is a great project which serves three objectives at the same time: It will help to raise additional resources to fight the disease, help infected people and provide a platform of communication and networking for the great number of organizations and activists in this field.

Also, it will keep up the awareness of the ongoing threat of HIV/AIDS in countries like Germany, where the access to life-saving medicine has led to a certain indifference towards a pandemic, which is still far from being defeated.“

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hein

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hein is Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies, Hamburg, Germany and author of Global Health Governance and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Basingstoke, Palgrave 2007 (with Lars Kohlmorgen and Sonja Bartsch, eds.).

“Carolin Silbernagl and her team are very dedicated to their pro‐bono work and have inspired us with their enthusiasm and commitment to think differently.

We sincerely believe that dotHIV is a unique opportunity to fight a global problem on a global scale, engaging a broad number of companies, organizations and Internet users.”

Dr. med. Keikawus Arastéh

Dr. med. Arastéh is Director of Internal Medicine at Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany

“Technology fascinates us. We believe: whatever the challenge might be – there is a technology that can master it. We see the potential in dotHIV to make an essential contribution to dam up a global problem with intelligently used new technology – and maybe even be a part of the solution.”

Michael Finke

Global Head of Advertising at AUDI AG

“AIDS? That only concerns others. This position is quite common but to think of ourselves as safe would be deceptive. Worldwide education belongs to the most important measurements for the AIDS response and prevention of the disease. Because steps against the virus can only be taken on a global basis. dotHIV does that in a very clever way – not didactic but highly innovative and undoubtedly very successful.”

Reinhold Beckmann

TV host and journalist

“We need creativity and maximum attention to bring back the ever present threat of HIV/Aids into the mind of the people and fight the stigmatization of the disease. dotHIV impressively connects both objectives by using the enormous power of the Internet to highlight relevant content and generating donations for essential educational work. “Vergessen ist ansteckend” and “Update Your Life” support this groundbreaking initiative.”

Lars Witte-Winter

Founded and managed the “Vergessen ist ansteckend gGmbH“. We are very happy to have him on our advisory board because he brings a lot of experience to the team!

“For me, dotHIV is a progressive approach in the fight against HIV and Aids. It uses the Internet in the best possible way to generate donations and create awareness. I’m sure that dotHIV will make some important contributions to the fight against the virus.”

Michael Stich

The Wimbledon and Olympic Tennis Champion Michael Stich founded a charitable trust, which supports HIV-infected children in Germany. His expertise and international network of contacts are a great help. He has been a supporter since the foundation of the dotHIV-initiative.

“dotHIV is a great idea, really well thought-through and a solid social business that fascinates me – just like betterplace. I am sure that dotHIV will become the red ribbon of the digital age!”

Dr. Bernd Kundrun

Bernd Kundrun is one of our earliest supporters and former chairman of the board at Gruner + Jahr. He was one of the iniators of „Du bist Deutschland“, a social-marketing-campaign in 2005 and donated 1 Million Euros to the charitable Internet donation-platform in 2009.

“Awareness and money are the essential base for a successful fight against HIV/Aids. dotHIV is a very innovative approach to connect both aspects to dam up and eventually beat the epidemic.”

Prof. Dr. Peter H. Seeberger

Prof. Dr. Peter H. Seeberger is the director of the Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. He also is a founding member of the „Hope for Africa Foundation“ that aims at improving health care by providing access to malaria vaccines and HIV-treatments.

“Some members of the ICANN-community said, there was no need for new top-level-domains. It‘s great to see that initiatives such as dotHIV are giving the whole process a reason. Thank‘s very much!”

Peter Dengate Thrush

Peter Dengate Thrush is a New Zealand-born barrister specializing in Internet law, intellectual property and competition. He is involved in ICANN since its inception and was chairman of the board from 2007 until 2011.

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